AlienGUIse 2.30

It is a theme manager for your desktop with 5 interesting themes included
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AlienGUIse is a theme manager that may change the appearence of your display greatly. AlienGUIse provides you with 5 suites to choose from: XenoMorph, Invader, Darkstar, AlienMorph, ALXMorph. Every suite includes skins for your display, icons and few wallpapers.
The application has a nice and intuitive interface, and is very easy to use. You will just need to choose the suite you want to be applied and click on the Apply button. Moreover, you will be allowed to choose whether you want all components of the suite to be applied or not. Every suite includes a pack of icons, windowblinds, and wallpapers. And, of course, the application provides you with the possibility to restore your default desktop.
AlienGUIse will bring fun to your PC, but, unfortunately, it will also bring few difficulties. For example, on my Windows XP it mixed some of the programs and folders' icons, and has not changed them back after restoring the default XP desktop. The PC reboot made no changes also, so I had to change them back manually. The Recycle bin got its default icon back only after the program uninstalling and PC rebooting.

Andrew Do
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  • Free
  • Interesting themes
  • Easy to use


  • Needs some improvement
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